3 Kitchen Faucet Brands That Had Gone Way Too Far

3 Kitchen Faucet Brands That Had Gone Way Too Far

Today we are going to talk about top kitchen faucets brands in the market, for writing this article, we scanned kitchen faucet reviews on popular sites like Consumer Reports, Amazon and Kitchen Folks. This is what we found.


Kitchen Faucets Brands: Delta

Delta faucets usually have the best kitchen faucets. Most consumers report about positive things they didn’t expect. The weight, for example, is something most people tend to underestimate. Delta faucets tend to look very light but end up weighing more than expected. While not all Delta faucets are the same, the kitchen faucets tend to score very high on sites, like Amazon.
3 Kitchen Faucet Brands That Had Gone Way Too Far
In a few rare occasions, some faucets even have 18 5-star reviews which is a good indicator that it actually is one of the best kitchen faucets. While the price sometimes can be high, there aren’t a lot of complaints about it. The quality outweighs any price concerns. While Delta has the best kitchen faucets the only complaints we could find were individual cases. Some consumers had problems faucets that were broken upon delivery. While incidents like this are rare compared to all the good reviews it is something to consider.


Kitchen Faucet Brands: Kohler

Kohler faucets score pretty high as well. Most people tend to like the fact that most Kohler faucets are easy to install. It is very basic and doesn’t include a lot of work. The faucets can be a little bit taller than most faucets (something to watch out for if you have a height restriction) but this usually doesn’t turn in a complaint for most people. Kohler faucets have some of the best kitchen faucets, almost as good as Delta faucets but Kohler still has some disadvantages.
Most people that aren’t happy with the Kohler faucets have the same reasons as people who don’t like Delta faucets. Some people complain that the faucets tire too quickly, usually after the 3rd year. There are also some people that complain about the parts of the kitchen faucets. The parts break easily and sometimes already broken when opening the box for the first time. There seems to be a thin line between people calling the parts basic and easy to install and cheap. Something to watch out for.


Kitchen Faucets Brands: Moen

Moen faucets also have some of the best reports out there. Maybe we are repeating ourselves here: but just like Delta and Kohler faucets, Moen scores high on easy to install faucets and on design. There is only one problem. With moen faucets, the reviews differ from very high to low. There seems to be no in-between. So if you happen to go for this brand make sure you read some kitchen faucet reviews.
3 Kitchen Faucet Brands That Had Gone Way Too Far
Some of the low scoring faucets reviews have complaints about the life expectancy. The faucets seem to break quickly and when they do the biggest struggle begins costumer service. There seems to be a lot of problems with ordering new parts. The parts are hard to find and aren’t always clear by Moen which part is to be ordered. Again, something to watch out the form.


Wrapping it Up!

It is clear to us, and it has been for some time, that Delta offers some of the best kitchen faucets out there. We won’t say the best because that would mean we would be too biased and besides…there are a lot of other good faucets as well. It also depends on which faucet you are going to take.
Moen kitchen faucet brands have a strong name and tend to perform well but when picking a wrong faucet from Moen things can go wrong. This doesn’t happen a lot but still says something about not going for a brand but going for a good faucet.
Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.

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