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mobile app developer

The Darker Side of Being a Mobile App Developer

Bigger Picture – Well before going into the darker version of the mobile app economy let’s see into the brighter side of it. A mobile app developer should know the dark reality. Today this tiny little powerhouse called mobile has completely changed the way people are connecting & sharing. Today’s generation

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A STORY TO BEGIN: Once there was a man Called “Shrivats” who decided to win over his fear and to attain to that state he decided to go to the jungle where lived deadly wild animals. He decided to build his small cottage right in between where these precarious wild

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Cycling Tour- Top ten cities suitable for cycling tour

With soaring oil prices and the needs for environmental protection, cycling tour becomes fashionable in modern times. But not all cities are suitable for cycling, I will introduce top ten cities best suitable for cycling tour.   1 Amsterdam, Netherlands It is reported that 40% of the residents of the city go

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top 10 gaming laptops

Gaming Laptops- Top 10 Gaming Laptops Of 2020

1. Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 addresses two of the largest problems from the gaming notebook world: weight and cost. The Zephyrus G14 just weighs 1.69kg, nevertheless still flaunts remarkable power as a result of this top-spec blend of AMD’s brand new Ryzen 4000 processor and

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Top 5 Easiest Dog Breeds to Care for

These are the top 5 easiest dog breeds to care for. Dogs are great. But only if you have one that fits in your lifestyle. If not, then both you and your dog are bound for some tough times. And it is in these particular situations that dogs often end

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how to solve CPU overheating

How to Solve CPU Overheating Problem

There are many ways on how to solve CPU overheating problems. CPU Overheating caused by a temperature problem is definitely a bad sign as it can destroy the processor and can cause instabilities in the hardware of the system. This can lead to it rebooting as well. The temperature of the processor depends on the brand and

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WordPress blog

How to create a WordPress blog in 10 minutes

The point of creating a WordPress blog in 10 minutes may seem a little exaggerated to a beginner but experienced people find it truly possible target. Beginners are generally confused about the sequence of actions required for creating a WordPress blog and this decision-making process makes it more lengthy. From

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wifi boosting tips for pc

Wifi Boosting Tips For PC

Check out these wifi boosting tips for pc. If you are equipped with a Wireless router, most WiFi systems are normally genuinely proficient. For at-home setups, a quality switch will, for the most part, be all that could possibly be needed to run a tolerable system. All things considered, even

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housebreaking your dog

Housebreaking Your Dog: How Hard Can It Be?

When it comes to dog problems, housebreaking may just be one of the things at the top of the list. It’s not without justification, either. Research shows that as much as 25% of dogs left at shelters end up there because owners had issues housebreaking them. Veterinarians agree. Dogs seen

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