5 Principles of Success Video
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5 Principles of Success Video

There are 5 principles of success that should not be ignored. There are a few traits within all of us that drive us to succeed. For some of us, these traits are applied to everything we do. For others of us, it’s hard to apply these traits to anything that we do.

This is no different from accomplishing your goals in the gym. Whether you want to gain lean mass or slim down for summer, the principles below will help you accomplish all of your desired goals.

Personally, when I don’t care about something I am THE WORST at trying to be successful with it. But this is a lack of the first principle: Drive.

  • DRIVE: “Positive belief in yourself will give you the energy needed to conquer the world and this belief is the power behind all creation.” -Stephen Richards

If you want to succeed in the gym, or anywhere else for that matter, you have to be motivated. Not from a poster on a wall, a video you saw on YouTube, or for a girl at school. YOU have to want it for YOU!

What happens when that girl moves away? Or what about when that poster gets torn down off of the wall? What about when that video is seen a million times? You lose your motivation and you quit.

Everything you do in life you do because you want to do it. Obviously, the fun things you do because you want to. What about giving blood? You felt like doing a good thing so you went to give blood. But what about getting a good grade on a test? You may not want to study, but you do because you want a good grade.

Before you start anything, weigh your options. You may not want to spend time in the gym or learning a new subject or obtaining the thing(s) you want, but ask yourself this: “Do I want to reap the reward of putting the masterpiece in my mind into reality?” Regardless of your answer, “yes” or “no”, the Universal Attraction Law will work perfectly for you and bring you the results in life according to your thoughts.

  • CONSISTENCY: “It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives.  It’s what we do consistently.” – Anthony Robbins

Principles of success for consistency. Think for a moment; what have you done in your life that you were successful with? For some, this may be school and education while for others it may be their job or something else. Whatever it may be, my bet is that you were consistent with it. If you were an excellent student, then you probably studied CONSISTENTLY to prepare for your exams.

In the same sense, you need to be consistent in everything with this program. Make it a priority to maintain your education, diet, and workout schedule. The moment you make an excuse for one distraction, it suddenly becomes easier to make more excuses for more distractions.

The Universal Attraction Law depend on consistency

Does that mean you will be able to stick with it one hundred percent? No, that’s not the goal. The goal here is to attain a healthier lifestyle.

There are days where I struggle to eat right and there are days where I don’t want to go to the gym, days when I apply myself, and days when I don’t. But those are the days that I persevere and go the extra 10% to stick to my education, my diet, and my training. In doing so, it becomes easier to stick with the program in the long run.

Consistency is the key to this. It is said the best diet and workout is the one you stick with. Whatever program you are following, whether it’s P90X, Insanity, something you found on bodybuilding.com, you MUST stick with it to the end.

Consistency takes practice.   It also creates an attraction to and for what you want in life. The best way to adopt a consistent mindset is by understanding the Universal Attraction Law.  Ironically, the best way for the Universal Attraction Law to work is consistency. For more information about the Universal Attraction Law, check out this link that includes a 50% discount.

  • EDUCATION: “Take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new.” -Og Mandino

Principles of success for education. In order to be successful in the gym, the kitchen, at work, in a partnership, with family, or in any circumstance, you need to consider yourself a student. Don’t just read the material you find, but apply it as well. There are people in this world that will go to the library and read an entire book. When they are done with the book they say, “That was a good book.” And put it back on the shelf.

Then there are people who read a book and then take the material provided and apply it to their life. This needs to be you.

Learn the material and apply it to yourself. Do you want to be somebody who reads the given material and then does nothing with it? Or would you rather take it and achieve the best body, mind, and spirit you have ever had?

  • DIRECTION: “To be successful, you must dedicate yourself 100%.” -Arnold Schwarzeneggar

Principles of success to follow. The Internet is the best worst thing ever made. EVER. You can find the answer to anything on the Internet. However, you can also find the answers that pretty much every person THINKS they know as well. With the plethora of information that is out there, it is hard to really know what to believe.Learn The Secret To Success. Get The Real Law of Attraction Code Now!

What you need is somebody who has been through all the vastness of the Internet and sifted through it to find what works and what doesn’t. I experimented with nearly everything I read. I spent thousands of dollars trying to find what can give me the edge over others. It took me 4 years to finally find what works.  That’s when I learned about the Universal Attraction Law.

Now I am not saying by any means that I know everything. I don’t know it all and I am well aware of it. I always consider myself a student as I am always learning. However, I do know what works better than anything else I have tried, and I want to pass it along to you.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY AND SUPPORT: “Build me up and I with you.  for we are more than two.” Deborah Day

These are the final and most important principles of success. I am a firm believer that you need somebody or a group of people who are always surrounding you with love and encouragement. This positive reinforcement will help keep you on the straight and narrow path to success.

Along with that, these are the same people that will correct you when you are wrong. If you miss a day in the gym, don’t show up for practice, fail to keep your word, they will help keep you committed. They will be there to make sure you get back on track. They also won’t tempt you to make bad choices. They are your support group.  Remember, if you want to fly like an eagle, you can’t hang out with turkeys.

If you really want to achieve what you want, then you must have self-accountability as well as support from others around you.

Without a support system, what is keeping you from slacking off? Nothing. If you do have some kind of support, do you want to let others down, or even worse let yourself down? You choose. In the meantime, the best way to develop a support structure and keep your forward momentum toward success is by understanding the Universal Attraction Law.  Here’s a link for more information that includes a 50% discount:

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