Cycling Tour- Top ten cities suitable for cycling tour

Cycling Tour- Top ten cities suitable for cycling tour

With soaring oil prices and the needs for environmental protection, cycling tour becomes fashionable in modern times. But not all cities are suitable for cycling, I will introduce top ten cities best suitable for cycling tour.


1 Amsterdam, Netherlands

It is reported that 40% of the residents of the city go to work by bike, and It means that going to work by bike is very popular. Perhaps in the future, private cars will go off the stage in this city.


2 Copenhagen, Denmark

Currently, 32% of people are cycling to work in Copenhagen, and the government provides free car rental service for many cyclists. So it is very convenient for them.


3 Bogota, Colombia

It is said that only about 13% of city residents own cars, so most people must travel by bike. And there is one day every week, the city’s 110 km-long road will be reserved for bicycles, and running can be safely.


4 Curitiba, Brazil

The government of Curitiba has promoted bicycle transportation for 40 years , therefore, so bike paths are extended in all directions. It is quite suitable for cycling tour.


5 Montreal, Canada

Two years ago, 130 million U.S. dollars was invested in reconstruction of the Montreal urban bike paths, and the city has a bike rental network with more than 300 bicycle rental stations, anti-theft system and embedded GPS chips.


6 Portland, United States

Portland, Oregon, was the United States Northwest’s largest city called Bicycle Capital in the world. Portland has always had a bike culture for 70 years since the 20th century.


7 Bale, Switzerland

The city’s roads have bicycle lanes, in addition, there is also a complete bike rental network, and the public do not have to worry about the safety of going for cycling tour.


8 Barcelona, Spain

Like other European cities, Barcelona has provided lights and maps for cyclists, in addition, a bicycle-specific loop was built around the center of the city. The city has 100 bicycle rental stations.


9 Beijing, China

Beijing of china is a crowed city, so there are many people loving cycling, and for people in Beijing cycling will make them feel much more free.


10 Norway, Trondheim

Some people in Trondheim have to sit in an office for a whole day, so it is uncomfortable for them. Cycling tour is like doing exercising. The city also provides enough rental stations for people in Trondheim.

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