Stone cladding is effective and looks amazing

Stone cladding is effective and looks amazing

Stone cladding has been used in a variety of projects, both domestic as well as commercial for decades. Indeed stone has been recognized as being a fantastic material to use. It dates back to our ancestors in the distant past. There is no doubt that when it is done correctly it can look fantastic. But to get it looking great you need the right stone for the right conditions. This is where buying from a professional is worth every single dollar.

A problem with stone is that it can actually be extremely expensive. Clearly adding a lot of money to the project budget. However, there is an alternative in what is called stone veneer. This being cheaper, but still as real looking and effective as natural stone. This item is molded and colored to look like the real thing. So to the untrained eye it looks as if you have gone to the expense of buying a lot of stone when only you know the truth. Read on to find more about stone cladding.


What is it made from if it is not stone?

Whilst it is not stone it is actually made from a mixture of cement, iron oxide pigments, and pumic. All of this is poured into a mold that is shaped like a natural stone. The actual precise blend of the stone cladding mixture does depend upon the stone that is being replicated. But it is this eye for detail that does make it stand out from others on the market. The base color is then also included so it looks like the genuine product no matter where the slab is cut for the construction part of the project.

stone cladding


So what are the advantages of using this product for stone cladding apart from the expense?

There are several advantages as you may expect. But perhaps one of the key ones is that it is extremely easy to work with. You will find cutting or trimming blocks to fit specific areas should never pose a problem. It is also the case that these items will not split or shatter along natural fault lines, unlike stone. So it does give you even more confidence in going ahead and using them as they are an extremely strong product.

There is also the advantage of the product being much lighter than stone, but still strong. So this does mean it is easier to transport them around the site and to the project itself. It does also reduce the weight that can be put on the frame of the building compared to normal stone.

Clearly, there will also be some concern about the potential of weathering if you are using stone cladding outside. But with this product, there really is no need to worry. This particular product has been tested in extreme conditions in North America. This means it has been exposed to heat, snow, hail, and rain and there have been no changes observed in it even after all of this. It will also not be damaged by being around your fireplace indoors. As each individual piece is always made from material that will not catch light at any point.


How can it be used?

It can actually be used in a number of situations both externally as well as internally. It can be applied to any material as long as it is clean, is structurally sound and of course, it has been untreated by other things. People then tend to use it on areas such as brick, metal, wood, or even wallboard to name only a few materials.

stone cladding

The only piece of advice that may be worth taking into account is that you should not look to use it on a path and do avoid having it around a water feature. But apart from being around a wall on the outside you can also use it for a garden wall should you wish to do so.

So if you are looking for something slightly different in your building, then do consider stone cladding as an option as it can look fantastic and it is easier to construct than you may initially think. Do not worry about getting the real thing and spending a fortune in doing so, but instead consider this alternative type of stone cladding that saves you money whilst giving you the finish you dreamt of.

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