6 reasons why you should visit Hawaii

6 reasons why you should visit Hawaii

There are many reasons why you should visit Hawaii. I’m going to give you my 6 reasons why you should make a trip here. By the end, if you’re still not inspired to book a Hawaii plane ticket, your soul may need a fine-tuning.

Let’s start.



Hawaii is a melting pot of multiple ethnic and racial backgrounds. Unlike what you find on the US Mainland, there’s not one ethnic group that makes up a majority in Hawaii. According to a TIME magazine article, Caucasian people make up a quarter of the population (the lowest in the country). And a majority of Hawaii residents are Asian.

My ethnicities are Filipino, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish. My diverse ethnic background is a common occurrence found throughout the population. We don’t give a shit what the color of your skin is, how you talk, or where you’re from. If you come to Hawaii with an open mind and without any pre-ordained stereotypes, you’ll be welcomed with a lot of Aloha.



I don’t think you can begin to appreciate the full beauty of the islands without doing any of its many hikes. Now, please note I’m not talking about the shit show that is Diamond Head or Manoa Falls. Where droves of tour buses packed with tacky Aloha shirt wearing tourists tend to flock. I’m talking about hikes not frequently visited by tourists. Such as the Stairway to Heaven hike recently done by The Blonde Abroad here on O’ahu.

It’s hiking like these that’ll rev up your holy shit engine (in the best possible way, of course).



I’m confident, in speaking for the majority of Hawaii people, to say we love food. Who doesn’t enjoy food, really? The island offers a wide array of dining options, from Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, to American. However, since you’re a savvy traveler and prefer to taste the local cuisine, I recommend you try Hawaiian food and plate lunches. While you can try a plate consisting of two scoops of rice, one scoop of macaroni salad, and your choice of meat.

why you should visit Hawaii

Although you’ll be hard-pressed to find that hipster vegan shit and other healthy foliage options on the island, as Julia Child once said, “Fat gives things flavor,” and Hawaii food has a lot of fat. In spite of our lack of healthy food establishments, Hawaii has the third-lowest adult obesity rate in the nation at 22.1%. According to The State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America. We eat whatever the hell we want, and because the weather is gorgeous all year-round and it’s easy to remain active, we just burn off the calories, then repeat. It’s a beautiful cycle.



It’s that old cliche when you’re tired of shoveling snow, chipping ice off your windshield, and suffering through sub-freezing temperatures, to picture yourself sipping a mai tai on a warm tropical beach in Hawaii. Well, I’d like to bet the image of a Hawaii beach you have in your mind is pretty damn close to what it looks like in reality.

It’s a rarity in Hawaii to find a stretch of beach uninhabited by people. I’ve lived here for 28 years, and I still have moments where I’m at beaches, such as Lanikai or Yokohama, and the sun is shining without a cloud in sight. I pinch myself and realize how lucky I am to live in this place. Where most people come to spend their vacations.

There’s no better place to unwind, decompress, clear your head, read a book and realign yourself than spending a few hours at a beach in Hawaii.



We live on an island, so island life is in observance. Compared to the US Mainland’s go-go-go attitude, the allure of Hawaii’s relaxed and calm vibe is what draws millions of tourists and visitors from around the globe each year.

Hawaii businessmen don’t wear suits to work; they wear Aloha shirts. Hawaii people don’t greet strangers with a handshake. Instead, we give them a hug and kiss on the cheek. Everybody is considered family even though you have no blood relation whatsoever. While your friend’s father is considered an uncle. Your friend’s Mother is regarded as an aunty. The older lady who works at the nearby 7–11 is an aunty. Your mailman is an uncle. You get my point.

Along with the family atmosphere, according to Noel Kent, a professor of ethnic studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, discussed Hawaii’s laid-back attitude in a New York Times article, “It’s hard to express anger [in Hawaii]. It’s a small, enclosed environment in which you have to live with other people”. That being on your phone bullshit 24/7/265 isn’t going to fly here. Eventually, you can grab a fruity cocktail or two, kick back, chill, and slow the fuck down, you’re on Hawaii time.

why you should visit Hawaii




Hawaii is home to the best weather on the planet. It doesn’t get too hot, cold, and humid, and the weather doesn’t fluctuate much throughout the year. The Hawaii weathermen on the news have the easiest job, often reporting the same forecast, “Sunny with a slight chance of rain.”

I went to college in the Pacific Northwest at Willamette University in Salem, OR, where it’s cold and rainy for 300 days out of the year – the antithesis to Hawaii. Every Christmas, after my final exams were completed, I’d return home for the holidays. I loved the moments when I stepped off the Hawaiian Airlines plane and onto the jet bridge, and I was greeted with a rush of warmth, humidity, and the 80 degrees Hawaii weather.

Hawaii’s weather is a no-brainer reason to visit the islands. It’s nice not to have to watch the weather report because you can expect the next day to be most likely sunshine with an excellent chance of gorgeous.

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