Things To Do In Iceland

Things To Do In Iceland

If you are visiting Iceland then you would want to know the things to do in Iceland. If you want to see Reykjavik from a higher altitude, then head over to Hallgraimskirkja. You will pay 9 kronor to enter the tower, but once inside you can hang out as long as you would like. Any time of the day would be ideal to visit this spot, but I checked it out around sunrise, and I was not disappointed. There was a beautiful pink sunrise over the Arctic, and it wasn’t too crowded with people.


Ponies on the side of road

Need I say more? Literally everywhere you go, you have a chance to stop and pet the ponies that are on the side of the road. The first time we stopped the ponies were maybe 100 or so feet away from the fence, but when they saw us pull over and get out they came up to us, and I thought this was the coolest thing, EVER. I can see horses on the side of the road in California or Ohio, but those horses aren’t as friendly or as cute.  & these lovely Icelandic horses pose for the camera. 😉


Skogafoss & Seljalandsfoss

Who goes to Iceland and doesn’t chase waterfalls? Noone. On my first night in Iceland, I went out to try to track the northern lights, while I didn’t see the lights I did get this nice night shot of Skogafoss. The next morning I went to chase more waterfalls and 15 minutes away from Skogafoss is Seljalandsfoss. These waterfalls can get very packed with tourists, try to get up early to check them out.



It’s windy as all get out up at Dyeraleay. I was trying to tie my shoes, and the wind almost blew me off the cliff. My friend opened the car door, and it broke, so yeah be careful up there. The view is gorgeous; you get to overlook the black sand beach and look out into the crazy waves of the Arctic Ocean.

Iceland Diamond Beach


Diamond Beach

One of the prettiest beaches I have ever encountered, Diamond Beach Ice Beach. This beach sits across the road from the Glacier Lagoon (and while I did not visit the glacier lagoon, I recommend that you check it out). There are massive and tiny glacier pieces that are scattered all over Diamond Beach. The pieces are scattered all along the beach and out in the ocean as well.


Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool

Maybe my favorite place that we went. The Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool is in the Southern Reign of Iceland, and it’s back this gravel road where you have to hike over a frozen lake to get to this not so warm pool. I didn’t get in because I didn’t want to be cold, but I can say without a doubt that the next time I am in Iceland, I will be going back to this place and getting in.


Pingveillr National Park

It was a crappy day when we ventured into Pingveillr National Park. The roads were snow-covered, the sun wasn’t out, and it was sleeting outside. While we didn’t explore the National Park as much as I would have liked, this place is still a must visit.


Silfra Fissure

The Silfra is a rift formed in the divergent tectonic boundary between the Northern American and Eurasia plates. You can snorkel or scuba dive between the tectonic plates.


Fridheimar Tomato Farm

Are you a tomato lover? Do you love farm to table restaurants? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then hop on a plane and head to the Fridheimar Tomato Farm in Iceland. The farm grows tomatoes year-round, and you get to sit inside their tomato filled greenhouse while you eat fresh tomato soup.



The Geysir is a stop along the Golden Circle and is a giant tourist trap. In the winter months, the Strokkur is dormant, but there are other, smaller geysirs in the area that are active in the winter months.


It looked like what I would imagine a mini Niagara Falls to look like, except frozen. Gullfoss is one of many stops along the Golden Circle and is a giant tourist trap. There are two viewpoints in which you can see the waterfall; I didn’t make it up to the higher view because it was 30 degrees, windy and rainy and the walkway was icy, but from the lower viewpoint you can still get great photos.

Iceland secret lagoon


Secret Lagoon

Located next to the Tomato Farm is the Secret Lagoon. It costs 32 USD to get into the lagoon, and you have access to it for the rest of the day. Be sure to stay hydrated. The bottom of the lagoon was covered with black rocks and make sure you stay hydrated.


Blue Lagoon

Yes, the Blue Lagoon is one of THE largest tourist traps in Iceland, and yes you need to see it. If you don’t want to pay the money to get into the Lagoon then you don’t have to, you just won’t be able to swim in the lagoon. Instead, you can walk around the outside of the Lagoon, and the outside is gorgeous. Even though it was pricier than the Secret Lagoon, I would still recommend going into the Blue Lagoon. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, and it’s one of the 25 wonders of the world. The Blue Lagoon feels like a giant blue bathtub, and you get complimentary mud and aloe masks.


Night Life

So I guess it’s normal to go out at 1 am and stroll home at 5 or 6 am. Yeah, I’m not about that life. If you head to the bars before 1 am they will be pretty dead. I went out on a Wednesday (for my birthday), and there was hardly anyone in the bars. But if you’re all about partying until the sun comes up (not literally, since sunrise is at 11 am in the winter) then the nightlife in Reykjavik is for you.


The Sun Voyager

The Sune Voyager is located in the city of Reykjavik and is an Instagram worthy spot. Try to get there early in the morning, so you don’t have other tourists ruining your photo for Instagram.


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