Healthy Eating Tips for Ordinary People

Healthy Eating Tips for Ordinary People

Do you know what healthy eating tips for ordinary people mean? Eating healthy isn’t about going on a restrictive diet. It’s about common sense and making friends with your stomach. Here are some tips that have helped me loose weight this year in a healthy, safe way.


1. Healthy Eating Tips: Don’t eat sweet things as snacks.

Save sweets like chocolate and cookies for a special occasion or a particular time of day. If you only allow yourself to have sweets at distinct times, it makes them more special and you savor them much more.


2. When you’re hungry, drink a glass of water.

Wait a little bit. If you are quite hungry, have a healthy snack like yogurt or healthy cereal. It keeps you from getting dehydrated and helps prevent intense cravings (my cravings are usually for steak and chocolate).


3. Snacking between meals is perfectly ok.

Healthy eating tips can include snacking. In fact, it’s good for you as long as the snacks aren’t Cheetos and gummi bears. Snacking helps keep your blood sugar at a steady level and prevents you from overeating at meals.


4. If you aren’t hungry, DON’T EAT.

It sounds easy, but it isn’t.


5. Eat slowly. Savor your food.

Eating will be more fun, and you will recall fewer calories. There’s a delay between the time when you are actually full and the time when your brain realizes this. Eating slowly reduces the number of calories consumed at this time.

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6. Hide Your Healthy Food

If you’re like me and eat everything you explore, hide the food. If you are prone to eating cookies just because they’re there, don’t hold them. Keep them out of the house. If food requires effort to obtain, you will think twice about getting it.


7. Eat off small plates.

This is for two reasons: your portions will seem larger and you can’t save as much on your plate. You will have to go back for seconds. This gives your body more time to determine whether or not it is full.


8. Carbohydrates are important.

Your brain needs them to function. But too many are a dreadful thing, especially if they have no nutritional value except deliciousness. I have to tell myself this every time I want to binge on cupcakes. Have one, not twelve.


9. Healthy Foods With Fruits And Vegetables

Try to eat fruits and vegetables every day. Your mother was right. They really are good for you.


10. Eat as much fish as possible.

It is better for you than red meat. If you are allergic to seafood, eat chicken or turkey or quail or duck. All of those are better for you than red meats. That said, red meat is delicious and perfectly fine to eat in moderation.


11. Eat Healthy Food And Enjoy It

Don’t eat things you don’t like. When it stops tasting good to you, stop eating it.

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