Setting Up Cool Fish Tanks – A General Guide to Set Up an Aquarium

Setting Up Cool Fish Tanks – A General Guide to Set Up an Aquarium

While cool fish tanks can bring a great feel of the water to any in house decoration, you must make sure that you are following certain principles. Always make sure that the fish tank that you set up is properly done. And to do that, the first thing you need to do is to plan your aquarium.



Planning Your Cool Fish Tanks


The first step is to determine the type of fish that you want to have in your fish tank and in order to do so, it’s best to just go to the local pet shop and check all the different species there are. In the store, you’ll have plenty of people specialized in helping you decide on the right base tank that you can personalize later according to your ideas and the space you have available. Most pet shops will also have a lot of different accessories that will help you equip it, from fish tank filters to the food and several others.

Do not buy the fish before having the tank completely set up and ready to receive it, though! It still takes a bit of time to install the tank and bringing the fish home and keeping him in a tiny place should be very avoidable.

So you bought your fish tank and are ready to install it.

First of all, you’ll need to clean it. It’s not good enough to just do a quick clean! Make sure that you check every corner and clean it. It doesn’t matter if the glass already looks clean, it’s easy for the dirt to accumulate in the tiniest of spaces. To do this cleaning process, you should first of all use a mild detergent and water. Make sure that the water isn’t too hot or cold for the best results. After cleaning it up for the first time with water and detergent, you should then move on to remove it. You should double-check for any places you may have left some detergent behind.

Then it’s time to do the same for the rest of the equipment you buy.

Clean it up and remove the detergent. I can’t stress how important it is that there are no traces of detergent left, as even the tiniest of amounts is capable of killing your fish. Do not go through this quickly, you’ll only be doing this type of cleaning once, so make sure you do it right. After you fill the tank with water, it should be perfectly clear. If it’s not, keep renewing the water until it becomes so. If you’re using plants, you should keep them in a simple bucket filled with water, no worries there unless they require specific needs.

A fish tank is heavy.

In fact, even a very small one, which would carry something like one gallon, weights 10 lbs. If you’re placing your cool fish tank aquarium on top of a piece of furniture, make sure that it’s one that has a good stand and support, otherwise, you may risk in it breaking. It’s also recommended that you level up the tank, especially on the more irregular pieces of furniture, something that is easily done if you resort to polystyrene between the tank and the piece of furniture.

Where you position the tank is also important.

Placing it under direct sunlight will cause an increasing number of algae to start growing (and growing really fast). You should avoid that as you’ll need to clean the algae from time to time. Another aspect to remember is the power supply. If you’re been to the pet store, you’re seen how most of the devices they have out there need to be connected to a power source. Instead of getting a ton of wires along with the house, it’s best just to keep the fish tank near one power source.

After all this, it’s time to check if your cool fish tanks don’t have any leaks. In order to do so, you’ll need to fill it with water and let it rest for quite a while. Remember that you may not see immediate leaks, but sometimes these are only noticeable after some hours. Afterwards, drain the tank back.

When you’re starting to place the items, you’ll first want to use the under-gravel filter (of course, following the specific instructions they have), and perhaps put a bit more in the back to create a sense of depth. Of course, it’s a bit of how you personally like it and the effect you want it to have.

The next step is to fill the tank halfway through with dechlorinated water. If you don’t have any, then use plain water along with some chlorine remover.

Then, it’s time to install the water filter and the water heater if you’ll be using them. As for the water heater, it’s use is much dependent on the type of fish you want to have inside. While for most freshwater aquarium fish the use of a heater is unnecessary, if you’re planning on getting a tropic saltwater fish, you’ll need one to make sure that the water is in the right temperature for their survival. It’s also necessary for you to add a thermometer in a place where you can easily read off of it.

Now it’s time to add the decorations. These decorations should be so that besides the picture in the back with your general thematic you also get plenty of little objects in the ground. How you decorate it is a bit up to you, even though we have created an article on some cool fish tank ideas. Plants, rocks or toys are just some examples. If you wish to go for the jungle theme and want some floating plants, you can add them after you fill the tank up.

You should test the filter and the heater before filling the tank up. They will immediately start to clean up the water, keeping it healthy for the fish you’ll place in there. It’s very important for cool fish tanks to have perfectly clean water or you may be reducing the lifetime of your fish.

Setting Up Cool Fish Tanks – A General Guide to Set Up an Aquarium

There is one thing that most people forget! You shouldn’t place any fish up to two weeks after you first install the tank. The reason for this is that there are one beneficial bacteria named Nitrosomonas. This bacteria naturally starts to develop in the tank. When the tank is new, this bacteria is not yet present. It’s this bacteria that are responsible for breaking up ammonia, which is toxic. Letting the tank rest for a couple of weeks before introducing the fish will ensure they don’t get to a poisonous environment from the ground up.

As for introducing the fish into the water tank, there’s also a specific technique. First of all, you should only add a few at a time. Most stores will get you a plastic bag that’s filled with water and the fish inside. The first thing you should do is to place the bag on the water, while it’s still sealed. Keep it until the temperate inside the bag and on the water from the tank are about the same. Only after that you’ll start to undo the bag. Let the fish swim out of the bag by itself before trying to remove the bag.

Make sure that the fish you’ve brought is completely healthy before introducing more. You should give it enough time for nature to play its part.

Dealing with reputable dealers will obviously reduce the risk of getting any sick fish in the tank. Something that could spread to the other fish you have in there, so avoid it at all costs. Don’t try and catch a fish by yourself, as it may have a load of bacteria and microorganisms. It could be very harmful to the other fishes in the tank.

The Reward of Setting Cool Fish Tanks The Right Way

One problem that many people have with fish is that they believe they die too quickly. The reason for this is more often than not, due to the bad conditions they place the fish at. Using a good environment will reduce the risk of the fish getting sick and dying before time.

These steps take up quite some time but will ensure that your fish live much longer. I’m sure you’ll love just staring at them from time to time.

We hope this article made it clear on how to properly set up cool fish tanks, so enjoy!

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